Zenegra 100mg (Zenegra)


US Brand Name Zenegra
Strength 100mg
Generic Name Sildenafil
Manufacturer Alkem
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s
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ZENEGRA is the generic Viagra usually prescribed for men with erectile dysfunction problem. This medicine is an effective treatment for male impotence regardless of the cause or duration of the problem or the age of the patient. This medicine helps while making love.

How it works?
PDE5 inhibitors present in this medicine work rapidly on ED and remain active for 4 to 6 hours. This medicine improves blood flow around the penis area and this causes stimulation that causes the organ to stay erect for long.

Important information about Medicine
Sildenafil Citrate allows the arteries in the male reproductive system to relax and widen, allowing more blood to flow into the male reproductive organ. Due to this reproductive organ becomes compressed, enlarges and gets harder.

Dosage information
Prescribed dosage is of 100mg and is to be taken once in a day usually one hour before lovemaking. The medicine needs to be taken with water so that the ingredients rapidly dissolve and start giving results.

Strengths available
ZENEGRA is available in the single strength of 100mg at our store.

What if you miss a dose?
Intake of this medicine needs to be planned as one needs to take it before lovemaking to overcome sexual desires.

What if you overdose?
Overdose might lead to severe side effects, thus only the prescribed dosage should be taken.

Things to be taken care of
Do not take ZENEGRA immediately after you have taken heavy, fatty or oily foods as these could disrupt the medicine from acting and cut down its efficacy. People taking nitrates should not take this medicine without consulting the doctor. This medicine might cause dizziness or high blood pressure, thus it’s advisable to get the blood pressure monitored regularly when taking this drug. Males above 60 years should consult a doctor before taking this medicine. ZENEGRA is not a birth control pill and it cannot be used to treat HIV and AIDS.

Side Effects
Intake of ZENEGRA could lead to some side effects that might bother some and not all males:

• Severe dizziness
• Priapism
• Chest pain
• Cardiovascular problems
• High blood pressure
• Facial flushing
• Blurred vision
• Diarrhea
• Stomach upset

These reactions need to be informed immediately to the doctor and complete medical attention needs to be obtained.

Interaction with other drugs
ZENEGRA has tendency to interact with various drugs, make sure that you notify your doctor if taking:

• Blood thinner drugs like enoxaparin and warfarin
• Nitrates drugs like isosorbide dinitrate, isosorbide mononitrate and nitroglycerin
• Alpha-blocker drugs like tamsulosin and doxazosin
• Cimetidine
• Itraconazole
• Ketoconazole
• Rifampin

Alcohol, grapefruit juice, and grapefruit are strictly prohibited with this drug. Do not begin or stop any medicine suddenly when taking ZENEGRA.

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