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YOGA- A Remarkable remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

As we discussed in our previous article we talked about “What is Erectile Dysfunction” and How does it effect to men’s lives. In this article, we will discuss the treatment of ED by doing simple Yoga and Asana, as these practices are very effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. A report published in “Journal of Sexual Medicine” concede .


Men are now reluctant to discuss their sexual problem, especially when it is something like erectile dysfunction. They take it as an attack on their manhood. Most men are shy and don’t want to disclose their issues even with their close friends and sometimes even with their partner. While diagnosing ED, the doctor might ask you some questions relevant .
Buying medicine online

Online Pharmacies Turning tides for the Treatments

With the passage of time internet is now become the favorite place for shopping everything you want. It has brought a complete revolution in the way that people shop. With a single click, it gets delivered to our home; which makes it easier and convenient in shopping. Thanks to the internet and the way we now trust E-commerce website, .
health is ultimate gift

Health: The Ultimate Gift

Health is the ultimate gift for us that God has given to us. In this century maintaining a healthy body is very tough as we have no time for this. We can’t buy a healthy life, we have to build this. An unhealthy body is very prone to many diseases and fighting capabilities of our body are very difficult. .
female body parts Attracts male

Top 10 Female Body Parts That Attracts Male the Most

Many females are tormented by frailties about their body in view of what they think a man is searching for or taking a gander at the most. It’s actually that the male is customized to be a bit shallow, searching for certain physical lines in a potential female mate. Indications of fertility like bigger lips, wider hips with a .
Tips for Enjoying a Healthy Sex Life


Sex is a word that is packed with a bundle of emotions; from love, tenderness, desire to go long, anxiety and sometimes disappointment. Sexual goodness and its wellbeing go hand in hand with overall physical, mental and emotional health. Sex, on one hand, can be a strong emotional experience while on the other hand, it could be a powerful .
causes of insomnia

Insomnia- More than A Sleep Disorder

“Insomnia or sleeplessness” as a word sounds normal phenomenon but it is more than what you actually think. For a person to remain healthy, a good sleep of at least 6-8 hours is required without compromise. Insomnia is a condition that can be acute or chronic. Difficulty in falling asleep could be both due to medical conditions or more .
Obesity builds danger of diabetes

Obesity-Common Condition Yet Becoming an Epidemic

When a person’s body accumulates abnormal and excessive fat that it may impair his/her health then in it defined as obesity. Obesity occurs after some time when a person eats a larger number of calories than he/she utilizes. The balance between calories-in and calories-out varies for every individual. Factors that may influence weight to incorporate genes, overeating, eating high-fat .